Cynergie Power Systems and Automation International Corp.


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Products and Services

Electrical Equipment Products
Low Voltage Switch Gears

  • Main Distribution Switch gears
  • Panel boards
  • Meter centers (revenue and sub-metering).

Medium Voltage Switch Gears

  • Gas Insulated Switch gears
  • Metal Clad Switch gears.

Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • Air Circuit Breaker (Fixed & Draw-out)
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Low Voltage Magnetic Contactors
  • SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker (Live and Dead Tank)
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Vacuum Contactor Switches.

Synchronizing Panels and Controllers (Low and Medium Voltage)
Power Factor Correction (Capacitor Bank)
Low and Medium Voltage Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches
Distribution Power Transformers (oil-immersed and Dry Type) 
Motor Control Centers (Industrial and Commercial)
Low and Medium Voltage Soft Starters
AC/DC Variable Speed Drives
Passive and Inductive Harmonic Filters
Low and Medium Voltage Power Generators
Solar Power Equipment (Solar Cells, on & off grid inverters, Battery, etc.)
Low and Medium Voltage Surge Protection devices
Power Distribution Transformers (Generation and Distribution)

Substation Pole Line Equipment

  • Disconnect Switch (Manual and Motorized)
  • Potential Transformer
  • Current Transformer
  • Lightning Arresters.

Low and Medium Voltage Protective Relays

  • Generator Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Main Feeder Protection
  • Feeder Protection
  • Transmission Line Protection
  • Low Voltage System Protection

Design and Implementation of SCADA Systems & Power Substations

  • Electric Cooperatives
  • Industrial Power Plants
  • High Rise Buildings Power Substation
  • Commercial Buildings Power Substation
  • Co-Generation Power Plants
  • Power Generation Plants

Automated Systems Services (Design and Installation)
Process Automation

  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Steel Industries
  • Pharmaceutical

Power & Energy Automation

  • Power System SCADA    
  • Power Substations SCADA
  • Power Generations
    •  Solar Power
    •  Hydro Power Plant
    •  Gas & Diesel Power Plant.

Building Management System (BMS)
Water Treatment Plants

  • Rail Roads Monitoring and Control
  • Road Traffic Lights
  • Ship Power and Navigational Systems
  • Airport Management Systems

Security Surveillance Cameras

Fire Detection and Supression (FDAS)

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis 
  • Power Factor Analysis
  • Power Flow Analysis
  • Motor Starting Analysis
  • Relay Coordination Analysis
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • System Stability Analysis
  • Load Shedding Analysis
  • Flicker Analysis 
  • Surge Protection Analysis
  • Grounding System Analysis
  • Power System Audit
  • Conduct Preventive Maintenance of the following:
    • Power Substation
    • MV In-line Voltage Regulator
    • Power Transformers
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Current and Potential Transformers
    • Protective Relays
    • Motor Control Centers.